Instructions for Uploading Vaccine Documentation in Self Service

  1. Log into Self Service  

    Enter your NetID in the “User name” field. Your NetID is everything before the “@” in your email address.

    For example, For example, if your email address is, your NetID is cdarwin. In the “User name” field on the sign-in page, enter cdarwin.

    Now enter the password that is associated to your NetID/email address.

    Click on the box where it states “I’m not a robot” and follow the reCAPTCHA steps.

    Once you complete the reCAPTCHA steps, click on “Sign In” to be directed to the Self Service main menu page.

  2. Notifications – View Required Documents

    Upon login, you will see the “Notifications” box. To view the documents required, click on the link “View required documents”.

    Self Service screenshot: notifications - view required documents

    The “Required Documents” screen will display the necessary documents being required of the employee.

  3. Upload Vaccine Documentation

    Click on “Manage” to upload the required document.

    Self Service screenshot: manage attachments

    After clicking on “Manage”, an “Attachments” box will display. Click on “Choose File” and select the file you want to upload. This file can be in PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF format.

    Self Service screenshot: upload file

    After selecting the file, you will see the filename in the box. Now click on “Upload”.

    Self Service screenshot: file selected and ready to upload

    If the document is in the correct format and contains no virus/malware, etc, you will get a message that the document was successfully uploaded.

    Self Service screenshot: file uploaded properly

  4. Upload Complete

    Clicking on the “Close” button will close this window returning you back to the “Required Documents” screen. This screen has now changed. The “Status” prior to uploading the document stated “Sent”. The status now shows as “Pending Review” showing how many documents were uploaded.

    Self Service screenshot: pending review